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autumn outing in mengtun valley

golden october is good time for outing, to enrich staffs’ cultural life, let staffs be free from busy work, strengthen communication between each staff and promote teamwork. the manufacture department organized staffs to visit mengtun river valley from oct 31st to nov 1st.

mengtun locates in the northwest of aba prefecture, total area is 714.5m2, the sights including snow mountain, meadow, lakes, old-gross forest and rare animals and plant. they are inlayed in this amazing land so it has many amazing features like original, unique and mysterious, that’s why we call this place ''where the dream begins''. when we arrived the destination, the local welcomed us warmly, during the touring, we are very happy and took many beautiful pictures. looking up it is blue sky and white cloud stretch to the horizon, looking forward it is amazing read leaves. we viewing and laughing during the tour. at night, we enjoyed the tibetan style hot pot, bbq and we danced with the local and held lucky draw, mr. lai got the prize.

aigre insist human-based management, organize staffs to travel regular. this tour ease the pressure of staffs and strengthen the relationship between each other.