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houying village, a small village in qingxian county, hebei province, has two paving areas and two beam factories in the 17th and 19th bureau of china railway construction. in summer, the peace of the village was broken by the increasing number of people and equipment. the beijing-shanghai high-speed railway, which has attracted worldwide attention, will soon begin the work of track laying and welding with a total length of more than 1300 km.

the 17th and 19th bureau of china railway have set up two tall drop hammer machines and four mobile flash welding machines in houying village. the roar of the engine, the impact of the drop hammer, and the flying of welding flowers constitute a spectacular busy scene. china railway 17th bureau uses the un5-150zb mobile welding machine (cny: more than 4 million yuan) produced by aigre, while china railway 19th bureau uses the yhg-1200 mobile welding machine (cny: more than 12 million yuan) produced by joint venture. these two machines started pk in the beijing-shanghai line.

the beijing-shanghai high-speed railway is the most advanced high-speed railway line in the world. all kinds of railway equipment regard the beijing-shanghai high-speed railway as the best exhibition stage and arena. there are more than 10 mobile flash welders of five engineering bureaus on the beijing-shanghai railway line over 1300 km,  most of them are produced by foreign capital and joint-venture factories, and only two welders produced by china aigre are purely domestic. this pk, un5-150zb welding machine has achieved the best result: drop  hammer passing the first place and the second place of comprehensive performance, and won unanimous praise from the owners, supervisors and peers. in this pk, china aigre machine have advanced and cost-effective has been proved again.