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china's high-speed railway diplomacy

understanding of high-speed rail: the originated in 1978 when deng xiaoping visited japan shinkansen, the development began in the 1990 when the beijing-shanghai high-speed railway was discussed, the practice began in 1999 when qinhuangdao-shenyang high-speed railway was build, the great era began in 2004 when the "technical introduction, digestion and absorption of the road to innovation", the turning point began in february 2011 when the corruption cases of the former railway ministry were reported, and then  the public opinion on high-speed rail fell into the ebb after a train accident on the yong-wen line on july 23th, 2011,.

the development of china's high-speed railway is tortuous. the next turning point was "high-speed railway diplomacy" after the "723 accident". china ushered in the era of high-speed railway under the leadership of president xi jinping and prime minister li keqiang.

oct. 2013, "rice for high-speed rail" .

oct. 2013, promoting chinese high-speed railway to australia

nov. 2013, "high-speed rail for beef".

dec. 2013, national gift is a model of high-speed railway.

may. 2014, establishment of a high-speed railway research and development center in africa.

jun. 2014, major in "uk high speed 2".

jul. 2014, "two-ocean railway" was born.

oct. 2014, explore the german high-speed railway market.

oct. 2014, promoting "anti-cold high speed railway" to russia.

nov. 2014, indonesia high-speed rail project.

dec. 2014, "rice for high-speed rail" restart.

may. 2015, indian high-speed railway project started.

sept. 2015, obtaining orders for high-speed rail projects in the u.s.

oct. 2015, participated in the uk high speed rail project.

nov. 2015, participated in singapore-malaysia high-speed railway.

nov. 2015, experiential marketing of chinese high-speed railway.


at present, the total mileage of chinese high-speed railway has reached 17,000 km, accounting for 55% of the total mileage in the world. among these, the high-speed railway with speeds over 300 km/h is 9600 km, accounting for 60% of the world, and it carries 910 million passengers a year, accounting for 55% of the world's total.

chinese high-speed railway has become a "golden card" made in china.