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pre-acceptance of normalizer machine

sept. 17, 2019, china tiesiju civil engineering group co., ltd. came to aigre for pre-acceptance of zh120 dual frequency normalizer.

this pre-acceptance product: zh120 dual frequency normalizer is a automatic special equipment integrating machanical-electrical-hydraulic integration, which is suitable for rail normalizing after welding. it is adopts many proprietary technologies such as automatic temperature control and dual-frequency technology, temperature graphic display and data preservation and etc. it adopts electric-driven normalizing instead of traditional acetylene- oxygen normalizing. first, it ensures the quality stability of normalizing. second, it improves the degree of automation and construction efficiency, and avoids the hidden danger of acetylene- oxygen normalizing.

normalizer adopts many proprietary technologies, such as automatic temperature control, dual-frequency induction heating technology, the graphs can be generated and date saved automatically to decrease the repeated work and improve the work efficiency.

finally, mr. cai of the china tiesiju civil engineering group co., ltd. expressed its satisfaction with the zh120 dual frequency normalizer and gave a high comments.