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rail flash welding rail-road truck

on march 8, 2019, the rail flash welding rail-road truck was constructed in songjiang district of shanghai for nearly five months and worked was good. it was developed jointly by aigre and ccrc meishan.

in april 2017, aigre started the project of rail flash welding rail-road truck and completed the sample in july due to market demand. it can be used for groove rails, i-rails and other rails welding. compared with the traditional welding rail-road truck, it not only has high operating efficiency, but also greatly improves the dual-use function of public and rail. it not only improves the speed of transition, but also reduces the cost of transition.

in the future, aigre will cooperate with crrc meishan to develop more products, such as bogie technical products with smaller turning radius, shorter vehicle length and faster driving speed, in order to meet the requirements of more working conditions.