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successful completion of foreign aid projects

on nov. 20, 2019, the "one belt and one road" foreign aid project organized by the ministry of commerce and the southwest jiaotong university came to aigre for on-site observation and technical exchange. nearly 30 railway officials came from kenya, cuba, mozambique, ghana, zambia and dominica.

the visitors has an intuitive and rich understanding of mobile flash rail welding machine, fixed flash rail welding, rail straightening machine, static bending machine, drop hammer machine and other equipment, through on-site demonstration. the equipment was praised by everyone.

company leaders and related staff explained the product highlights and  production process in detail, and one by one to answer the technical puzzled.

at 5:00 p.m., aigre station of foreign aid project had been successfully completed, and the visiting group is still interested in it, and everyone has said that they have gained a lot