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chengdu egger technology 2020 work summary and commendation conference

on january 28, 2021, chengdu egger technology 2020 annual work summary conference was grandly held in the conference room on the third floor of the company. relevant leaders such as southwest jiaotong university school industry group attended the meeting.

at the meeting, general manager lv qibing summarized the work in 2020, defined the development goals in 2020 and deployed the key tasks in 2021. president lv pointed out that in 2021, based on the work in 2020, we should unite and work hard to meet difficulties, further raise work standards, speed up work rhythm, clarify development goals, adhere to development strategies, grasp new projects and improve enterprise management. with scientific management mechanism and flexible business strategy to ensure the completion of various objectives and tasks throughout the year.

the meeting also commended the "excellent employees", "excellent teams", "excellent management" and "excellent employee candidates" in 2020.