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under the tunnel - your fatigue is distressing

the spring festival in 2021 is destined to be a special spring festival.

a sudden epidemic has made the new year, which should have been a hot and noisy year, particularly cold! the streets were deserted, and a large family of children who were ready to eat quickly also had their own cats in their own nests, cloud new year greetings and screen blessings. however, the more difficult times are, there are always some people who choose to move against the wind for the sake of the company and everyone. for example, front-line employees working on the project at this moment. as the internet said, there is no quiet time, but some people are carrying a load for you. salute them! please take care of them and return safely!

on the eve of the spring festival, wang, the general manager of the front-line staff in hangzhou, visited the general manager of hangzhou on february 2. after mr. wang and his entourage entered the project site, they were in a trance for a moment, because it was all subway projects. the air in the project site was not circulating for a long time, the tunnel was filled with dust, and the working environment was very bad. employees are working in the dark tunnel. lunch is a box lunch sitting on the ground. during the lunch break, they don't even have time to wipe off the stains on their faces and sleep on the ground.

from the dawn in the morning, the construction is getting late. even because the project is in a hurry, the team is divided into two shifts in the morning and evening, working hard day and night. when the weather turns cold and the night gets longer and longer, it is the life of many egger railway people to set out in the starlight and go home in the face of the rising sun.

they are cold in winter and hot in summer. year after year, day after day, regardless of wind and rain, they choose to stick to it and pay tribute and praise to every egger railway man!