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sichuan-tibet railway lalin section completed!

lalin railway, a single-line electrified railroad of national railway class i connecting lhasa city and linzhi city in tibet autonomous region, china, is also an important part of sichuan-tibet railway. the total investment is about 37 billion yuan, and it is expected to be opened to traffic on june 30, 2021.

lalin railway is located in the south tibetan valley between the gangdis mountains and the himalayas in the southeastern part of the tibetan plateau, and more than 90% of the road section is located at a high altitude of more than 3,000 meters. therefore, the lalin railway has both the severe natural environment of snowy plateau with high cold and oxygen deprivation and fragile ecology, and also faces complex geological environment such as wind accumulation sand, moraine layer, strong rock explosion, highland temperature and soft rock with big deformation, etc. the engineering construction is extremely difficult.

since the beginning of construction at the end of 2014, the lalin railway has overcome a series of difficulties such as high cold and oxygen deprivation, geological complexity, ecological fragility and harsh construction environment. after the completion and opening of the lalin railway, it will end the history of no trains in southeastern tibet, inject new vitality into the local economy, and also provide a more convenient transportation channel for the construction of the linya section of the sichuan-tibet railway.