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the construction of urumqi – xinjiang railway was successfully completed

urumqi – xinjiang railway is the main channel for coal transportation in xinjiang, with a total length of about 257 km. its transportation capacity can no longer meet the market demand as it’s a single-track line. turning it into a "double-track line", the annual coal transportation capacity will be doubled.

the natural environment of the urumqi – xinjiang railway expansion and renovation project is very bad that it’s located in the junggar basin, and  looked ahead and saw s a boundless stretch of desert. in the summer, the temperature in the jungar basin reached more than 50 degrees, and the construction site has been sand - dust weather for many time.

aigre overcame the impact of bad natural conditions on the site, strictly controlled the construction progress, and completed the task with tenacity, high technical level and superb construction ability. the passing rate of welded joint shall reached 100%.