the chawu section of the daqin railway project was successfully completed-凯发k8国际首页登录

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the chawu section of the daqin railway project was successfully completed

on may 5,2023, aige successfully completed the daqin railway project. since the start of the project, the team has set up a standardized leading group, formulated a feasible construction plan, and strictly implemented the work responsibilities of each staff. in the construction project, faced with the technical problems such as the complex site situation and the difficult operation of the equipment, the leadership team immediately communicated and coordinated with the project department, headquarters and production department, and actively solved these external problems to ensure the smooth progress of the project on schedule.

in order to help the successful completion of the daqin railway chawu section of the project, was the chawu works section of the project people see in the eyes, remember in mind, for the completion of the day for the hero to send a banner, which reads "help daqin, overcome difficulties, accurate construction, show ingenuity"! this short sixteen words, to show the aiger man hard work, the spirit of duty!