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un5-150 rail welding machine witness huhang highway refresh china speed

huhang highway connects shanghai and hangzhou two big metropolis. whole line is 202km. max speed is 416.6km/hour. it begins from shanghai hongqiao station and ends at hangzhou east station, via shanghai minghang, shongjiang, jinshan district and zhejiang jiaxing, hangzhou. whole line consists of 9 stations, and 7 new stations. about 80million people can be one-way transported every year.

huhang highway began constructing on 26th feb 2009. our un5-150zb rail welding machine was adopted into site rail welding work on 20th jun 2010 by 24th bureau of crec. the welding operation of whole line was completed on 6th aug 2010.whole line was combined tested on 1st sep 2010, and officially opened to traffic at the end of oct.

learned from railway department, trial operation of huhang highway succeeded on 28th sep 2010. highest speed is 416.6km/hour. it refreshed the record of railway operation trial around the world.  un5-150zb rail flash butt welding machine witness the development of chinese highway in the practice again.