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un5-150g1 fixed rail flash butt  welding machine

product introduction


as the dedicated welding equipment of railway track seamless welding engineering project, un5-150g fixed flash rail welding machine is suitable for the continuous welding operation in workshops. the machine can complete the rail welding operations of high speed overloading railway, urban railway system with the speed of more than 300 km/h. it can handle different steel rail after change electrode and relative trimming tool.

in october 2018, "un5-150gn fixed rail welding machine" on the market which has the features: 1. suitable for the continuous welding operation in base. 2. automatic centering and removing knob by pressure function to ensure the appearance quality of the joint. 3. four-axis structure greatly increase the stability and life of the machine.




technical parameters


network voltage380±10v50hz     capability  400kva

electric generating set400v50hz      power   440kw

secondary voltage v):4.27.3

rated current (50% duty cycle) (amps) : 578

power rating(50% duty cycle)kva: 220

maximum welding distance(mm)110

maximum welding sectional area(mm²)):10000

overall dimension (length *width *height)